Fields of Adventure
at Smithfield Farms

64 Tree Lane
Aspers, Pennsylvania
(888) 677-0093

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Giant 7-Acre Corn Maze

Attractions: Giant Corn Maze

At Fields of Adventure, we are proud to offer a giant, 7-acre Maize Quest Cornfield Maze adventure. Our corn maze attraction features a different theme every year and is fun for ALL ages!

New for 2015!

Giant Corn Maze 2015 - Wild Wild West

The 2015 Corn Maze theme is "Wild West Adventure." Journey through the taming of the American West. Explore outlaws, cowboys, Indians, the gold rush, and the great railroad.

As you find your way through the maze, which is divided into uniques sections, you'll have the opportunity to play educational games where you can learn about the Wild West. Challenge the twisting pathways. Complete the questions and answers. Find all the picture rubbings. Decode the secret word. A trip to Fields of Adventure is more than just a 'walk in the stalks'. There so much to do, you may forget you're lost!

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Past Maze Themes

2014 Corn Maze

Giant Corn Maze 2014 - Outer space

Our 2014 corn maze theme was Outer Space. Visitors could journey into the final frontier of space as mankind reached out to the stars. Guests discovered highlights of space exploration and found fun facts about life in space. The maze design included the Shuttle, an astronaut, and the Earth.

2013 Corn Maze

Giant Corn Maze 2013 - Civil War

Our 2013 corn maze theme was Civil War - Tribute to Gettysburg's 150th. Visitors could learn about the Great War between the States that forged a nation indivisible and ended slavery in America.

2012 Corn Maze

Giant Corn Maze - Deep Sea Adventure 2012

Our 2012 corn maze theme was Deep Sea Adventure. "Swim" your way through and watch out for the giant whale and octopus!

2011 Corn Maze

Giant Corn Maze - African Safari 2011

Our 2011 corn maze theme was African Safari. Trek through the jungle as you try to find your way out. Our mini-maze tucked inside the larger corn maze featured the design of a baby elephant!

2010 Corn Maze

Giant Corn Maze - Dinosaurs 2010

Our inaugural, 2010 corn maze theme was Dinosaurs. ROAARRR!!! into some pre-historic fun as you explore. See our aerial image of the maze on Facebook! [click here]