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Our Story

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A Little Bit

About Us

We (Chris and Debbie Smith) own a 64 acre plot of land in the midst of Apple Country and in the shadows of the beautiful South Mountain in South Central Pennsylvania. We share this experience with our 4 children, Delani, Courtney, Connor and Drew.

We purchased the property in 2005 from Dave & Freda Smiley. Prior to them the farm was owned by Carl Slaybaugh and his parents. One thing I find neat is that Chris’s grandparents lived in the very same farmhouse we currently live in when they were newly married. We moved in almost 50 years later to the day they moved in.

On our farm and other leased acreage Chris produces corn, soybeans, spelt, sorghum, hay, alfalfa, sweet corn, pumpkins and gourds. We also raise steers, hogs, chickens and turkeys for on and off farm meat sales.

We hope you’ll make lots of memories, as we are with our family, and possibly discover new paths as you venture through our fields.

Whether you’re coming from near or far, thank you for visiting Fields of Adventure!

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